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How to curate a hen party for the cool bride | with Team Hen

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

So, you’ve kick-started the wedding planning and already nailed your stationery with the incredible Sundown Paper. But, what we want to know is, have you - or your bride tribe for that matter - nailed the equally playful hen party vibe? If you’re looking to continue on in the same cool, stylish vein as your Sundown Paper bespoke hen party invitations or Save the dates, then Team Hen’s adorably chic and fashion-forward accessories, decorations and gifts (no tackiness allowed) are a mere click away. We’ve teamed up with Sundown Paper this week to bring you the best in hen party style… #1 DECOR DEETS

You’ll need a balloon arch, obviously (because who wouldn’t? This is a hen party after all). Our peach, pink and rose gold confetti balloons come with all the components you need to assemble this beauty at home. Shop: Hen Party Balloon Arch, £14.99, Team Hen Link:


If she’s not a sash kinda gal, panic not. Our diamond glitter enamel lapel pins will instantly win the cooler, free-spirited bride’s heart. And, who would say no to another diamond?! These beauties are also available for the Bridesmaids, Maid of Honour and Team Bride *sigh of relief*. Shop: Bride Diamond Lapel Pin, £3.99, Team Hen Link:

#3 NOTE TO SELF Opt to include our Team Bride pink velvet keepsake book as part of your B2B’s gift package. Not only can all of your guests leave words of wisdom behind on it’s pretty pages, but the bride could also use it to help plan her big day. Shop: Velvet Team Bride Hen Party Keepsake Book, £16.99, Team Hen Link:

#4 ENGAGED AF The bride-to-be will definitely need to don one of our exclusive super soft cotton tee’s this 2020/21, especially this beauty (cos’ everyone deserves to know you're engaged/buy you cocktails to celebrate). In fact, we think it would be a crime if your B2B didn’t wear this 80% of the time, pre-wedding. Shop: Engaged AF T-shirt, £11.99, Team Hen Link:

#5 ORGANISED AF If you’re starting to panic about your hen party planning to-do list and can’t decide on what favours to include, panic no further. Our pre-filled bride squad goody bags mean we’ve done all the hard work for you. Now wipe that sweat from your brow. #PHEW Shop: Bride Squad Hen Party Filled Goody Bag, £4.99, Team Hen Link:

#6 TOTE-TALLY REQUIRED No bride should be without one of Team Hen’s super chic - and nifty - tote bags. Not only is it ideal for carting about that hefty wedding planner as you visit your vendors but it’s the perfect accompaniment on a day-to-day basis. Shop: The Bride Tote Bag, £4.99, Team Hen Link:

#7 A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND In need of another diamond? We thought so. Present your bride with one of our white and gold diamond pens and bring a little pizzazz and glitz to her wedding planning and/or shopping list. P.s. It’s also super handy for addressing all of your Sundown Paper bespoke stationery… Shop: Bride Diamond Pen, £3.99, Team Hen Link:

Want to discover more from Team Hen? Simply click here and kickstart your hen party planning this very instant! It’s a no-brainer. Link: Team Hen x

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